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Austin TX Landscaping and Tree Services

By Aspen Tree Service


Aspen Tree Service has several years of experience with Austin Landscaping, Austin Lawn Care, Austin Tree Service, Austin Tree Trimming and Austin Tree Removal in the greater Austin Texas area. Tree service areas include: NW Austin, West Lake Hills, Steiner Ranch, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Lake Travis, Georgetown, Lakeway and other communities in Greater Austin.

Aspen Tree Service has a staff of well-trained, skilled Austin landscaping and tree experts who work to bring our clients the very best in landscaping, tree services and lawn care at a very affordable rate. Our Landscaping Company has served many families and businesses in the greater Austin area.

Austin Tree Removal ServicesWhat We Do:


So, how do you choose a tree service when there are so many in the Austin, TX area?


  1. The LOCATION of the tree. If it's near the street or driveway, a bucket truck or crane could probably access it. But, if it's in the backyard or somewhere a bucket truck can't reach, call Talley Tree Service for a bid.
  2. The SIZE of the tree to be removed. If it's greater than 18" diameter (across future stump) at knee height, it's a "large" job. Give us a Call!
  3. INSURANCE. Protect yourself financially! Does bidder have Tree Service Liability insurance? Ask for a Certificate of Insurance. Don't hesitate to call the agent to verify that the policy is still in force! Hiring uninsured or underinsured contractors may result in significant liability for you, the property owner. Isn't peace of mind worth paying a little extra for?
  4. Did you meet, or at least talk with, the OWNER of the tree service? (Did you even find out his name? See his picture? Get his home address? Is he a long-term Austin area resident?) What was your impression? Did you see the employees? Would you be comfortable having them on your property, around your children, pets and outdoor possessions, or letting them into your house?
  5. LOCALITY of the tree service itself: to find the ones closest to your home and zip code, go to or In the search field, type "tree service 786##", then hit Enter. This one step could save an hour over using the Yellow Pages phone book because you'd be overwhelmed with choices.
  6. Parking and ability to turn around. Do you have a long winding driveway, live on a cul-de-sac, dead end or narrow street, have "No Parking" signs, a fire hydrant or street repairs going on in front of your house? If a large truck towing a chipper couldn't park there or couldn't turn around to get back out of your driveway or street, call Talley Tree Service.
  7. Better Business Bureau. Check to see if there have been any complaints and, if so, how they were resolved. "Before you invest, investigate."
  8. The written ESTIMATE - is it specifically and clearly worded, or is it rather vague with room for interpretation, error and disagreement? Remember, it's a legal document you will be signing and it should be written with care and professionalism.
  9. Another way to SAVE MONEY is to have your work done between November and early March. This is the slow season for most tree services, and you may get a better price then.
  10. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Have wind and/or hail storms left you without power, phone or cable? From the pole to the house, it's YOUR responsibility to have branches cleared from the utility lines. The cost of 1 or 2 nights in a hotel might easily pay for this. It only takes 1 fallen branch to knock out your power, leaving you sweltering or freezing at night, and ruining all your frozen & refrigerated food.
  11. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - I never ask you for a dime until you're happy with my work. Many letters of reference available. Expect thorough cleanup. Don't pay the other guys in advance! Too often they'll stop before the work is finished! (Especially the ones who knock on your door and/or emphasize low prices.)
  12. BUYING DECISION. Beware of any price that seems too low. (If they knocked on your door soliciting business, they may be out-of-towners staying in a motel. Look at the area code in the tree service's phone number - on their business cards and on their trucks.) Is their voice mail always full? How long have they been in business in the Austin are? Do they voluntarily provide local letters of reference? Did you meet a real live person, or did they mail your estimate to you? Do all of their vehicles have company names proudly and boldly displayed on them? ASK for a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE! Get a price that's in the ballpark with the rest of the bids, then consider the items above. Talley Tree Service is often NOT the lowest bidder, but still gets the work. The estimate is always free, so why not take advantage of it? Call (512) 347-2747.